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Faraz Rad-Logo320


IT Administrator
Digital Marketing Expert

I am an IT Administrator and a Digital Marketing Expert with E-commerce and Sales & Marketing background who has valuable experience in Network & System Administration, SEM, SEO, Analytics, SMO, Content Marketing, and Email & SMS Marketing.
A flexible person who is open to new cultures. A fast learner in every field which interests me and I like to be helpful, whether as a single person or as a part of a team.
Involving in different projects as a job, is not just interesting, at the same time, it is like a hobby for me.

Faraz Rad - IT Diploma - 320
Faraz Rad-Search Certification
Faraz Rad-Shopping Ads
Faraz Rad-Display Certification
Faraz Rad-Waze Ads Fundamentals
Faraz Rad-Individual Qualification-small
Faraz Rad-Video Certification
Faraz Rad-Measurement Certification
Faraz Rad-Content Marketing Certification
Faraz Rad-Email Marketing Certification
Faraz Rad-Inbound Marketing Certification

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